I have a 3yr old, persian, female cat that i would like to find a new home for. About 3yrs ago i found this cat in the ditch along with another cat that was a black, male, Persian... i left the cats over nite to see if the owner would find them or they would somehow make there way back home, but it was in the middle of nowhere between Hythe and Dawson creek so i thought it was unlikely, I thought sombody must have just dropped them off instead of bringing them to a shelter.

My husband and i went back the next day and the black male was gone but this little kitty was still there... so we picked her up and got her into the vet to make sure she was alright, turned out she was a healthy cat about 1yrs old at the time.
We took her home and made some flyers and posted them around beaverlodge but nobody clamed her.

She is very special to us, but we just had a baby and dont have time for her anymore:( she deserves all the attention in the world! So if there is sombody out there that is willing to adoped her and give her a great life please contact me.
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